Louisiana, USA

Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, Louisiana

In Louisiana, counties are known as parishes.

Why is this?

Louisiana was officially Roman Catholic under both France and Spains rule. The boudaries dividing the territories generally coincided with church parishes. Through each change in her history, Louisiana never diviated from those primary civil divisions and they have been known as parishes ever since.

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Welcome to Pack your Bags Travel Planning!

It has not only been a long dream of mine to travel the world, but to help you do the same.

I have often hoped to inspire others to go out and explore the world, and now I hope to take it a step further and actually help get you there!

When we first started traveling, I was incredibly nervous about everything! Did I pick the right hotel? Are we going to find everything we are looking for? Did we pack to little? Too much? What if we run out of this or that?…

I am here to help you get over whatever fear, or hurdle you have that’s standing in the way of you getting out there and going on that grand adventure!

Maybe you’ve always thought that it’s going to cost too much, or just plainly, you don’t know where to begin…

Leave all of that to me and get ready to go on that adventure!!

I am so happy to start this new venture and I can’t wait to help make your dreams a reality!

And as always, stay tuned!

The beautiful island of Majorca, Spain

An Adventure awaits…

There is always a certain anticipation that come with an upcoming trip…

Did I plan everything correctly? Did I plan too much?

Too little?


But then you think…

No matter what happens with the “planned”, it’s always the unplanned that is the real adventure!

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Streets Of India…

Going to the land of A LOT of people, and by a lot I mean over 1.3 billion, you’re going to see some incredible street action.

Since we landed in Delhi at about 5 or so in the morning, our first encounter with traffic was actually a pretty pleasant affair. I had prearranged transportation for us from the airport to take out any struggle of finding a ride once we landed. (If you are planning your first trip to India, or to any unfamiliar country for that matter, I highly suggest you do the same…)

It was an easy 40 minute trip to the hotel and once we unpacked, it was time to explore!


If you arrive during the day, get ready to see some street action… but it’s that first outing after the sun goes down that really gets your adrenaline working. (We will get to that in just a bit…)

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